1 Smooth 42 Bottle + 1 Original Bottle + Melosa Tube

1 Smooth 42 Bottle + 1 Original Bottle + Melosa Tube

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This pack includes:
– 1 Smooth 42 500mL bottle
– 1 Original 500mL bottle
– 1 Melosa 60mL tube


Promotion valid from January 1st, 2024, to July 31st, 2024. Limited to existing stock.


Medronho Smooth 42

Junior Jacques Medronho Smooth is a high-quality spirit that stands out for its soft taste. This perfect balance between aroma and character makes it an ideal spirit to enjoy with your favourite tonic, in a cocktail, or simply in its purest state. It always tastes better accompanied by friends.

Medronho Original

Júnior Jacques presents the original essence of the Southwest Alentejo. Following a tradition of several generations, we have made this Medronho an exquisite spirit, smooth and with a distinct fruit flavour, manually picked in its perfect state of maturation. Its high alcohol volume certifies the purity of the distillation process. It is made exclusively from the fruit of the strawberry tree, giving it body, a good notch of acidity, and a pronounced ending. It is a high-end spirit that can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks.


Júnior Jacques Melosa is a unique liqueur. It’s made exclusively with medronho and rosemary honey of the best quality. Very elegant, with a perfect balance between sweet and bitter, the aromas include silky honey, fresh rosemary, and vibrant Portuguese lemon, and of course the distinctive presence of medronho that we distill with passion! All ingredients are 100% natural and unfiltered. This gives it a greenish-yellow colour and makes it prone to building up a deposit. To enjoy our Melosa at its best shake before serving and drink chilled.